Turnkey, full-stack software



At Brainy, we carefully design your web application to serve as an extension of your products, services, and processes. We build dynamic, service-oriented and cloud-based applications that always ensure high availability, resiliency, and security. Really, a fast and appealing site leads to a great user experience, and we provide just that!

mobile development

There are all sorts of mobile applications today. Here at Brainy, we’re able to create various types of mobile apps. We architect Native, Hybrid, and real-time location applications, mobile workforce applications and business applications. We extend your product to every user. Some of the languages and programs we use are:

IOS, Swift, Android Java, React Native

Managed Cloud Services

We offer cloud computing services that lead to reliable internet sites, are elastic, and most importantly, are secure. Managing cloud services involves automation and testing of internet based infrastructure so your site will be protected at all times. With cloud computing services, we increase your site’s ability to deliver applications and services at high velocity.

Software for high availability,
security and performance.