Web Development Services

Never before have businesses had so many choices to automate and streamline their enterprise. The web development company that you use should help you do more than just build a reliable website. At Brainy, we carefully design your web application to serve as an extension of your products, services and processes.

With over fourteen years of experience in web development, we execute agile strategies and solutions to secure the most return on your company’s investment. We always keep up to date on the latest technology to bring you the highest quality work in web development.

We strive to attain the perfect balance between beautiful software design and brainy functionality. By using open source technologies where possible, we maintain long term stability in your web application. Whether for eCommerce, customer service, sales and marketing or business integration, we write and deploy in a professional and efficient manner.

PHP Development

PHP is one of the most widespread and supported web programming languages, so you benefit by having access to a large ecosystem of software solutions. Brainy uses PHP frameworks to take advantage of the speed, reliability and maintainability that such tools provide. Boost the efficiency of the development process by using previously developed code, saving you time and money.

PHP Frameworks also makes your code more secure by giving things such as: form validation/filtering, database abstraction, ACL (access control lists) support, and CSRF (cross-site request forgery) prevention. We use frameworks tailored to satisfy your specific business goals such as Codeigniter, Zend and and content management solutions like WordPress and Drupal.

Database Development

Brainy employs MySQL, an open source database, to ensure that your data integrity and availability is never compromised. Over the years, MySQL has become the default data tool for web applications. With its advantages such as a high performance, robust query engine, table and index partitioning and small hardware and licensing requirements, you will have an excellent platform to serve your data for years to come. Also, Brainy’s hosting services provide MySQL clustering via Amazon RDS as a reliable, low cost way to provide maximum uptime. Of course, no tool is perfect for every job, so we also work with other database platforms depending on your business requirements, including PostgreSQL and Microsoft SQL Server.

Whatever your code, platform or data needs may be, we’ll work with you to deliver a complete and stable environment for building and deploying applications for the web. For more information on how Brainy can assist your application development process, please contact us for a fast proposal.