Jobs and Careers

We are a growing and expanding firm always on the lookout for both employees and freelance professionals. We need fiery passion and a singular commitment to doing the best work possible.

Current Areas of Need:

  • Marketing Professionals: Can you put together a results-oriented marketing plan? Can you write copy that is both SEO friendly and also converts visitors? Are you able to execute a social media campaign for a corporate client? Do you know how to close the deal? Skills needed: copy writing, ad writing, content marketing, social media, PPC campaign management, project management.
  • Web Design Professionals: Do you have thorough skills in design theory? Can you quickly create web and branding designs that match both the client’s personality and the target audience’s preferences? Do you understand the latest CSS, JQuery and responsive design techniques? Are you able to work with other designers and take art direction? Skills needed: CSS, JQuery, Photoshop, responsive design.
  • Web Development Professionals: Can you deploy a complex web app using the latest PHP, MySQL and Linux stack? Can you coordinate with designers to implement data-driven JavaScript/jQuery interfaces? Skills needed: PHP, PHP frameworks (such as Zend, Symphony or Codeigniter), MySQL, Linux, AWS.
  • System Administration/DevOps Professionals: Can you troubleshoot and remedy flaky Linux servers and processes? Can you maintain and enforce a disaster recovery plan? We need assistance in dedicated server and VPS management, AWS Elastic Beanstalk, EC2, RDS and other cloud services, continuous integration, security management. Skills needed: CentOS or Red Hat Enterprise, Amazon AWS, MySQL administration, memcached, svn/git.

How You Benefit Working with Brainy:

  • Freedom: We are a largely virtual company. That means that the team works wherever the want, provided that they are available for daily “stand up” videoconferencing meetings and are available to the team and clients. You provide fabulous results, and you get to keep your life.
  • Fun, Intellectually Stimulating Projects: Our clients depend on us to help solve their marketing problems which include challenges both technical and psychological. We are a flat organization, so it’s all hands on deck. Everybody grows.
  • Competitive Compensation: For full time employees, attractive compensation and benefits package. We believe in paying you for the value you provide.

If you are interested in working for us, please send your resume to jobs@brainymarketing.net.